Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The adventures of Mr. Stick

Life With Dogs is one of my favorite blogs. I check it (a bit too obsessively) throughout the day knowing I'll be gifted with a hearty laugh.

However, things took an ominous turn a few weeks back when the evil Mr. Stick appeared on the scene at Life with Dogs! So now we're playing a game of fetch with Mr. Stick, flinging him through the blogosphere to fans & followers of Life With Dogs. Want to play too?

Now, I wasn't comfortable tossing someone I haven't even met, so I took the time to interview Mr. Stick over the phone. I wanted to find out what really makes up the fiber of his being. He prattled out his life story, lots of generic dysfunctional crap we all find in our family tree, the scars of being picked on as a kid for his bushy hair & bad skin, the trauma of loosing his grampa to an 'industrial accident' at the paper mill. *yawn* Mr. Stick obviously detected my impending boredom.

MS: Oh did I mention I was in an 80's punk band?

ER: Dude, weren't we all?

MS: Yeah, but we were FAMOUS.

ER: Um, yeah

MS: Hop on AIM and I will send you proof

ER: *rolls eyes*

ER: Oh you could have totally Photoshopped yourself in that pic. Give me a break.


MS: Well, I have the original lyrics I wrote. Check AIM in about 10 minutes, I have to get them out of the fire safe & scan them.

ER: Fine, I'm supposed to be working right now anyway. I'm putting you on speaker, so just yell when you've sent it.

Tappity, tap, tap, click, dammit, tap tap tap.

MS: Yo! you still there?

ER: yeah, hold on a sec, the wifi is slow, I'm downloading what you sent.

ER: WHOA, this stick's for real.

I'm not sure which is more disturbing, the cannibalistic aspect of using TP as a writing medium or the fact that he was penning a punk icon while pushing out a Yule Log.

ER: hey, wait a minute

MS: hmm, wha?

ER: you must think I'm dumb as a stump. I've been reading Life With Dogs, how do you think I found out about you? These lyrics went down two weeks ago, not 2 decades ago. WTF are you trying to pull?


Sheister. It's time to Toss Mr. Stick.


Anonymous said...

Good job! Mr. Stick is going D O W N

Anonymous said...

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would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have

enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Life With Dogs said...

I keep coming back and laughing, you had my coworkers cracking up today!

alex said...

LOL- Boy, You really know how to stick it to a guy!

GoldenSamantha said...

Wow - awesome (evil) shtick! Appaws, appaws! Just found your blog - yes I was looking for it! Eureka. Will be following...
xo Sammie

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